Who We Are

T&L Event Management Sdn. Bhd. is an event company based in Malaysia.

T&L Event Management Sdn. Bhd. profession as below:

Event Management

Opening Ceremony, Annual Dinner, Launching, Performance Arrangement, etc...


Tranport for traveling Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand


Artist attendance arrangement, artist from include: Local, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tiawan, Korea, Australia, etc...

Bodyguard, RELA arrangement

Sound and Light Equipment

Sound and Light Equipment rental

Our company are undertake any size of event planning, as long as you provide your requirements and budget. We will do our best to arrange a decent activity for you, so you have a memorable day. We will take our expertise to provide the best service for you. We hope can get a lot of support from you all. Our company is active in Peninsular Malaysia, no matter where the location of you, we will sincerely serve for you.

For any inquiry, kindly contact us for your assistance.


  • Provide professional event planning service to customer.
  • Create a memorable event memory of each event to all participant.
  • Provide a creative idea into the event and translating the vision to become special and elegant event present on the actual date.
  • Provide professional man power (RELA, Crew, Model, First Aider) to organize and make sure the event is success and safety.

Upcoming events

Run To Survive 2017

Quirky, strange and out-of-the-world characters are out running! Come and meet them at the Run to Survive 2017 ‘Let Your Imagination Run Wild’ happening this July with your family and friends. Experience an unusual twist during the 5KM night run and carnival that promises lots of fun! Are you ready to run and explore?

More information click here

Pass events

Run To Survive 2016

Need to get a feel of how the night run looks like with a bunch of Zombies? Here's something you could imagine of... Act fast and Run To Survive 2016!!!